Despite efforts by municipal and state governments to reduce pedestrian accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that pedestrian accidents are on the rise. The increase in pedestrian accidents may be due to an increase in distracted driving and an increase in distracted walking, amongst other factors. Regardless of the cause of these accidents, there is no doubt that a pedestrian who is hit by a car is likely to suffer terrible injuries, and may even lose their life.

If you or a loved one is involved in a pedestrian accident, our Rockford personal injury attorneys at the offices of Tuite Law may be able to help you recover compensation for your losses.

The Devastating Effects of a Pedestrian Accident

The effects of a pedestrian accident are devastating for the victim and the victim’s family. Even when a pedestrian is hit while the vehicle is traveling at a relatively low speed, the injuries sustained can be catastrophic. Common injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident include:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries, which can leave a person cognitively impaired, in a coma, or permanently unable to care for themselves;
  • Spinal cord injuries, which may leave a person permanently totally or partially paralyzed, resulting in the need for long-term care;
  • Internal bleeding, requiring surgery to correct, and potentially causing long-term complications or death;
  • Broken bones, which may never allow a person to return to the same level of physical function and mobility that they had before the accident; and
  • Soft tissue injuries, including sprains and strains, which are extremely painful, limit mobility, and can cause long-term impairment.

In the most tragic of accidents, a pedestrian accident can result in death leaving surviving family members emotionally scarred; childless, parentless or spouseless; or/and without income.

Further, in nearly all pedestrian accidents, the pedestrian or their family members will incur large hospital and other medical bills, may be unable to return to work, and will suffer from pain and mental or emotional anguish.

Your Rights after a Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident, you have the right to recover the full amount of financial and nonfinancial damages you have lost. You also have the right to contact an attorney who can guide you through the claims process. Further, you have the right to work with an attorney who is committed to getting you the money to which you are entitled without charging you absurd upfront, retainer, or hourly fees.

At the offices of Tuite Law, our compassionate Rockford pedestrian accident attorneys believe that all victims of pedestrian accidents – including surviving family members – deserve the best in legal representation after a crash. We work on a contingency fee basis so you never have to worry about coming up with the money for our services, and are 100 percent committed to getting you the maximum settlement possible.

Taking steps to improve your future after a pedestrian crash can be extremely difficult to do – let our attorneys help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.