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    Ideally, people work until their normal retirement age.  Many people, however, become sick or have physical and mental conditions which prevent them from working.  The Social Security Disability program offers benefits to those people who are unable to work due to a physical or mental illness, no matter what their age.

    Tuite Law represents people who want to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or people who have already applied and have had their claim and benefits denied. While many denied SSD claims are actually the result of human error more often than ineligibility for SSD, the Social Security Administration runs a complicated disability application process filled with paperwork, deadlines, hearings, and appeals.

    Our Rockford denied social security disability lawyers take the hassle out of the process and act as your personal advocates, ensuring that all the necessary documents are timely filed. We advocate on your behalf throughout the disability application process.

    How the social security disability process works

    When a person is injured or develops a condition that prevents him or her from working in any capacity for the length of a year or more, that person is eligible for social security disability payments. These payments, provided for by the US government, give disabled people the opportunity to subsidize their living expenses, despite their inability to work.

    The system is also designed to help those within certain economic strata, meaning that it substantially helps middle and lower class families to remain stable while a family member is unable to fulfill traditional jobs.

    There are several ways to apply for disability benefits, whether online, by telephone, by mail, or through an attorney, but all of them have similar requirements for application and receiving benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has stipulations for the disabilities they will cover and how long these disabilities must last in order to receive payments for them. They also require updated financial statements and tax records to ensure that their benefits are only being awarded to those who have a financial need for them.

    Other basic information that they require includes personal information about you, such as your address and your social security number, doctors’ records about your disability, and information about your work. You must also provide verification that you are a US citizen and any other type of monetary compensation you receive, such as worker’s compensation payments if your disability was caused on the job.

    All of the documents and proper examinations to demonstrate your disability can take a lot of time, especially for someone who is new to the process or someone who has recently had their claim denied. This is one of the most important reasons to hire an SSD attorney through the process. We have worked with so many SSD claims and have helped hundreds of disabled persons throughout our career receive SSD compensation that our process is completely streamlined.

    We know all of the documents you need to sign and can identify any errors or holes in your application, including the common pitfalls and those errors which are a little harder to catch. A Rockford Denied Social Security Disability lawyer may be your best choice when trying to secure your benefits.

    If you were denied

    Learning that your application for your much-needed Social Security disability benefits has been denied can be stressful and disheartening. You should know that you are not alone–in fact, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that only about 32 percent of applications are approved each year. However, with the highly experienced SSD attorneys at Tuite Law on your side, your denial does not have to be final.

    There are four different levels at which you can appeal your Social Security Disability denial in Illinois:

    • Request reconsideration for your application — You must request this within 60 days and an examiner will re-review your application with the same standards and qualifications for approval as in the initial review.
    • Request a hearing — If your reconsideration was denied, you can request to present your case at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ). The hearing will take place at an Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) and then the hearing decision will be made by the ALJ. The ALJ may hear evidence from experts or may request that you undergo a medical evaluation.
    • Request review by the Appeals Council — Generally, the Appeals Council will look for some type of flawed judgment on the part of the ALJ to even justify reviewing your case. There is not a guarantee the Council will agree to review your denial.
    • File for federal court review — The last chance at appealing a denial is filing a claim in federal court. The federal judge will review your file with all of your medical evidence and the previous ALJ decision. Though many denials are overturned, this level of appeal can be costly and time-consuming.

    The appeals process is very complex and it is important to have skilled legal representation throughout the process to ensure you present the right evidence in a persuasive manner. Having the right attorney on your side can limit the time, money, and effort needed to succeed in your appeal.

    Why hire Tuite Law as your social security disability benefits attorney

    If an SSD claimant is above the age of 18 and qualifies for social security disability benefits, they may apply. At Tuite Law, we look at each case individually to assess how a person’s medical condition prevents them from working. We have taken on cases involving all types of medical conditions, both of a physical and psychological nature.  Unlike other lawyers, we do not “give up,” when a claim is initially denied.

    We pursue cases to the full extent of the law to guarantee the benefits you deserve, including filing lawsuits on your behalf to hold governmental agencies responsible for their duty to protect you as a disabled American citizen. We also communicate with your physicians to gather the necessary medical opinions that will corroborate your disability claim, as well as work and negotiate with anyone else necessary to the process.

    When you hire Tuite Law as your Rockford denied social security disability lawyers representation, you are most importantly paying for experience. We have an extensive and proven track record of success, with the vast majority of our clients receiving disability benefits as a result of our advocacy. If you are worried about your ability to pay us as your lawyers, we also help you take care of that.

    Our fees are contingent upon your approval for SSD benefits, and once you are approved, the SSA will make marginal monthly payments to us directly until you are paid in full. This means that you don’t pay anything out of pocket for our services. You only win when you hire us. Get the experience you deserve with a Rockford Social Security attorney and call Tuite Law today at (815) 668-8473 to consult with us completely free.

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