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    Understanding auto accidents

    The phrase “auto accidents” may sound commonplace, but it carries a heavy weight for those involved in automobile accidents. Every day, many lives are impacted by these incidents, making it crucial to understand the nature of auto accidents truly. This includes recognizing how frequently they occur, particularly in places like Rockford, Illinois, and identifying the typical causes that lead to them. Through this awareness, we can help ourselves become safer drivers and contribute to reducing such unfortunate events.

    Car Crash Statistics In Rockford, Illinois

    In the bustling city of Rockford, Illinois, auto accidents have become an unfortunate reality of everyday life. Over the past few years, there has been a discernible uptick in the frequency of these incidents. This surge isn’t just a fleeting trend but a serious issue garnering increasing attention from local authorities and community organizations.

    Let’s dive into the data to paint a picture of the situation. The annual accident rate in Rockford has escalated consistently, with more and more reports flooding local law enforcement agencies each year. These aren’t just minor car wrecks or fender-benders; we’re talking about accidents resulting in substantial injuries and, quite distressingly, a significant rise in fatalities.

    • In 2017, there were 8 fatal car accidents in Rockford
    • In 2018, Rockford had 16 fatal car accidents
    • In 2020, Rockford saw 4,560 crashes and 17 traffic deaths
    • Through October 5, 2021, Rockford sees about one more crash a day, putting the city at about 4,900 crashes yearly, but the deaths have nearly doubled to 29.

    Common Causes Of Car Accidents Throughout Illinois

    Exploring the variables influencing car accidents can seem akin to disentangling a convoluted mesh. However, when we scrutinize the data from Rockford, certain recurring themes become apparent, representing frequent perpetrators not solely in Illinois but throughout the US. Let’s explore some of the most frequent causes:

    • Inattentive Driving: The most prevalent urge to juggle tasks, encouraged by our technology-rich times, frequently compels drivers to divide their focus between the street and numerous distractions.
    • Driver Exhaustion: Responsible for more than 100,000 automobile crashes annually, exhaustion significantly undermines response times and decision-making ability, posing a hazard akin to inebriated driving.
    • Driving Under Influence: Despite strict legislation and repeated public awareness efforts, this persists as a relentless problem, leading to severe accidents within Illinois and elsewhere.
    • Over Speeding: A frequent contributor to accidents in Illinois, surpassing speed limits augments the likelihood of incidents due to diminished vehicle command and extended stopping distances.
    • Messaging While Driving: A particular variant of inattentive driving, the moments spent glancing at a screen instead of the street can result in dire outcomes.
    • Left-Turn Accidents: These transpire when motorists neglect to yield to oncoming vehicles, a seemingly innocuous error with possibly devastating repercussions.
    • Tire Burst Accidents: An unforeseen tire rupture can cause loss of vehicle command, instigating perilous circumstances on crowded streets.
    • Disregarding Traffic Lights: Impetuosity or distraction can provoke drivers to neglect traffic signals, leading to grave accidents.
    • Driver Mistakes: Underpinning all these causes, errors committed by motorists account for over 90% of vehicle collisions in Northern Illinois. This emphasizes the significance of vigilance, accountability, and compliance with traffic regulations.

    Though every car accident claim is distinct and may involve one or several elements from this compilation, awareness of these common factors is essential for road safety.

    Why You Need A Rockford Car Accident Attorney

    In the aftermath of a vehicle collision, having a specialized group like the Rockford car crash attorneys from Tuite Law by your side can be immensely valuable. Our law firm brings over five decades of experience providing legal representation to those injured or disabled by motor vehicle accidents, serving as a testament to their dedication and proficiency. Our services extend beyond legal guidance to provide a fully supportive presence, enabling you to concentrate on your recovery.

    Below are some of the key advantages we offer compared to our competitors:

    • Proficient Legal Guidance: With their profound knowledge of car accident laws in Illinois and a longstanding establishment since 1958, Tuite Law’s attorneys can provide insightful guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.
    • Assessment of Claims: Tuite Law excels at accurately evaluating the fair value of your claim, ensuring that you pursue appropriate compensation.
    • Negotiation Expertise: As seasoned negotiators, Tuite Law is adept at effectively engaging with insurance companies, and securing the most favorable settlement on your behalf.
    • Legal Representation: Should your case proceed to court, having Tuite Law—a firm rooted in experience and integrity—representing your interests can significantly impact the outcome.
    • Peace of Mind: With Tuite Law, you gain more than just a legal team; you acquire a dedicated partner committed to your cause. This gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

    We boast a rich legacy of representing individuals from various professions, including construction workers, teachers, firefighters, and professionals from other fields. In the following sections, we will discuss selecting an appropriate attorney and what you can anticipate when working with a firm as devoted as Tuite Law.

    Common Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident

    The value of your case largely depends on the nature and severity of the injuries you suffered in the car accident. At Tuite Law, we regularly handle cases involving the following injuries and more:

    • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis;
    • Traumatic brain injuries;
    • Burns;
    • Broken or shattered bones;
    • Strains, sprains, and other soft tissue injuries;
    • Back and neck injuries;
    • Internal organ damage or hemorrhaging;
    • Amputations;
    • Death.

    No matter how minor or serious your car accident injuries may be, you deserve to hold the negligent party liable for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses, and we can help you do just that.

    Who Can Be Held Liable In A Rockford Car Accident?

    Many different parties may be held liable in car accidents, depending on the case of the accident. Many forms of negligence may cause car accidents, including the following:

    • Distracted driving activities, including texting, eating, personal grooming, using a GPS, reading, or talking on the phone;
    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
    • Fatigued driving that leads to lack of focus or falling asleep behind the wheel;
    • Violating traffic laws, including speeding, running red lights, and failing to signal, among many others;
    • Aggressive driving behaviors, such as tailgating, excessive speeding, honking, or threatening other drivers;
    • Failing to keep a vehicle properly inspected, maintained, or repaired;
    • Manufacturing and selling cars with defective brakes, tires, airbags, steering systems, and other auto parts;
    • Failing to keep roadways maintained and free from dangerous hazards or conditions; Having dangerously designed roads or intersections.

    In some situations, it may be challenging to immediately identify what caused an accident. To successfully file a claim, however, you must know who caused the accident and specifically how they were negligent. Our Rockford car accident attorneys have the resources to investigate your accident and gather evidence to prove that negligence caused your accident.

    In addition, we cover all of the costs of the investigation and litigation so you have no upfront costs or fees to pay. We only ever collect costs and fees from you if we are successfully able to get you a settlement or award. This type of contingency fee agreement reduces the risk to you.

    How A Rockford Car Accident Lawyer Proves Liability In A Motor Vehicle Collision

    At Tuite Law, our Rockford car accident lawyers deploy many strategies and collect assorted evidence to ascertain responsibility in car accidents. Here’s how they go about proving liability auto accident cases:

    • Working Alongside Accident Reconstruction Specialists: When faced with complicated cases, Tuite Law lawyers partner with accident reconstruction professionals. These specialists use scientific methods and physical evidence to recreate the accident scene, offering important insights into the accident’s progression and assisting in determining who is at fault.
    • Leveraging Witness Statements: The testimonials from witnesses serve a significant role in reinforcing the lawyer’s case. Tuite Law lawyers heavily rely on the accounts of individuals who witnessed the accident. These narratives offer a valuable perspective into the sequence of events leading up to the crash, the actions of the individuals involved, and other relevant information that fortifies the claim of responsibility.
    • Engaging Expert Witnesses: Lawyers at Tuite Law engage expert witnesses with specific expertise to testify for their clients. For instance, a medical expert could elaborate on the severity of injuries and their link to the accident. At the same time, an automotive engineer might provide an understanding of vehicle malfunctions or design defects.
    • Analysis of Police Reports: A common practice for Tuite Law lawyers involves analyzing police reports. These reports, prepared at the site of the accident, incorporate necessary details like the officer’s evaluation of the accident, declarations from the involved parties, and any citations issued. They act as a critical evidence source in identifying the fault.
    • Examination of Surveillance Video and Photos: If accessible, surveillance videos and photos can be pivotal evidence. The lawyers at Tuite Law grasp the importance of video evidence from traffic cameras, security cameras, or dashcams, providing visual documentation of the accident. Furthermore, photos taken immediately post-accident can depict the vehicles’ positioning, damage extent, and other pertinent factors.
    • Employing Medical Records and Expert Opinions: Lawyers at Tuite Law acknowledge the significance of using medical records and expert opinions to demonstrate the scope and nature of their clients’s injuries. This evidence forms a causal relationship between the accident and the subsequent harm, further supporting the liability claim.
    • Probing into Driving Records: As part of their commitment to proving liability, Tuite Law lawyers investigate the driving history of the involved parties. A comprehensive examination of past traffic violations, instances of reckless driving, or a history of negligent behavior helps establish a pattern of misconduct, hence strengthening the liability argument.

    Tuite Law’s car accident lawyers strive to construct a compelling liability case for car accident injuries for their clients through these methodologies and evidence-collection techniques.

    Damages Available in a Car Accident

    Our clients suffer many serious injuries in car wrecks. These injuries are also expensive. Injured victims can require extensive medical care and rehabilitation as they try to heal, which even the best health insurance might not cover. Some victims cannot work for weeks or even months because they are in too much pain. Even relatively uneventful accidents can take a large bite out of anyone’s bank account.

    We can seek damages for your accident, including:

    •         Medical bills and other out-of-pocket medical expenses;
    •         Long-term rehabilitation costs or at-home help for permanent injuries;
    •         Lost income or wages;
    •         Loss of earning capacity if your disability prevents a return to work;
    •         Damage to your vehicle.

    These damages are economic in nature, which makes them relatively easy to calculate. Tuite Law can gather all necessary evidence in support of your legal claim.

    We can also request compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and similar non-economic losses. These damages are some of the most important in a car accident case. Bodily injuries cause serious reduction in the quality of life, with many people struggling with depression or social isolation. Other victims struggle with increased anxiety. Although money can’t eliminate the pain, it can certainly help.

    The Role of Auto Insurance in a Rockford Car Accident

    Most Illinois drivers should have liability insurance. If you are hurt in a wreck, we can submit a claim on the at-fault driver’s insurance policy for compensation. We might negotiate with the insurer for how to apportion fault for the crash.

    Other insurance might come into play, depending on the facts.  Around 16% of Illinois drivers are uninsured, which is one of the highest numbers in the nation. If you are injured by a driver without coverage, we might submit a claim on your uninsured motorist policy. This coverage is included in the insurance and covers medical bills and lost wages.

    Other insurance includes underinsured motorist coverage. We might use that if the at-fault driver’s insurance has a low policy limit. Other insurance might include collision coverage, which you can use to pay for car repairs. It is optional insurance in Illinois, although motorists with a car loan should have it.

    Insurance companies make money by accepting premium payments and denying claims. Even if you are submitting a claim on your uninsured motorist coverage, you might face a denial. Tuite Law is here for you.

    Reach Out to a Rockford Auto Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

    Illinois has put in place a statutory deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit. In most cases, you get a maximum of two years to file. The clock will begin to run on the day you are involved in the crash.

    This deadline is not optional. Should you go over it, a judge can toss your case out of court. You can lose the capacity to win any financial compensation from the motorist who injured you. Contact Tuite Law today.

    Experienced Legal Representation For Car Accident and Personal Injury Victims

    Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury.  You may be a safe and responsible driver – but not everyone else is.  When someone else causes an accident, call Tuite Law.  We represent car accident victims as well as other personal injury victims.

    Tuite Law has been representing those injured in auto accidents for decades.  Our professional Rockford car accident attorneys understand that people injured in auto accidents are often victims twice, once in the accident but then again when an insurance company denies or delays their claim.  Tuite Law will aggressively handle your case, deal with the insurance company, and let you focus on what’s most important – recovering from your injury.

    We take a proactive approach to persons injured in an auto accident.  We secure the necessary evidence, notify all insurance companies who may be responsible, deal with medical providers or bill collectors, and obtain any necessary records.  Insurance companies have lawyers on their behalf working to deny or minimize your claim, and Tuite Law levels the playing field, making sure you receive all benefits entitled to by law.

    Contact our Rockford car accident lawyers today at (815) 965-5777 or by submitting a form here to get your free case consultation scheduled so we can help you or a loved one obtain compensation for suffering injuries in a car accident that wasn’t your fault!

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