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How Long Does a Car Accident Stay on Your Insurance Record?

November 5, 2019
Tuite Law

Car Accident reports

Being involved in a car accident can be both a very scary experience, as well as a very costly and inconvenient one. Indeed, even if you aren’t seriously injured, you will have to file a police report, should be checked out by a doctor, and then will have to deal with numerous insurance claims over the next weeks or months. And if you are seriously injured, then the aftermath of a car accident can be that much worse.

What’s more, because Illinois is an at-fault car insurance state, if you’re found to be at-fault for the crash, then the points for the crash will be assessed against your driver’s license record.

If you have points assessed against your record following a car accident, it’s important to know how these points may affect your insurance rates, as well as for how long they’ll likely remain on your record. Here’s what you should know–

The Significance of Points On Your Driver’s License Record

Performing any illegal maneuver can result in points on your driver’s license record. If you receive too many points in a given time period, your license can be suspended. What’s more, if you have points on your driver’s license, your insurance company may raise your insurance rates as such, as points signal that you are perhaps an irresponsible or unsafe driver. 

How many points you get and how close it brings you to license suspension/how it affects your insurance rate likely depends on the offense. For example, reckless driving can result in a whopping 55 points assessed against your record, whereas speeding between one and 10 miles per hour over the limit will result in five points. If you’re in a car accident, you will get points based on the negligent action that caused the crash (i.e. speeding or careless driving). 

How Long Will Points Stay on My Driver’s License Record?

The Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles maintains driving records that reflect activity and points assessed for minor offenses for four to five years, depending on the offense. More serious offenses, on the other hand, will be reflected on your record for up to seven years if the offense resulted in a suspension or revocation of your license. Your insurance company may use this as a reason to raise your rates and make you pay a higher premium.

Injury lawWhat If I Wasn’t at Fault in a Crash – What Can My Insurer Do?

While your insurer may be within its rights to raise your rights if your negligent behavior leads to a car accident, it should not penalize you for being the victim of a crash that was caused by the fault of another. What’s more, your insurer cannot penalize you or raise your rates for exercising your right to file a claim and seek compensation per your policy. If your insurer threatens to do, you should talk to an attorney.

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