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    Injured Dixon Workers Need Aggressive Representation

    Workplaces are dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, one worker is injured every 7 seconds in this country. They can suffer anything from minor injuries that heal in a matter of days to life-altering permanent disabilities.

    Fortunately, Illinois law requires that most employers buy workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage provides no-fault benefits to those injured while working. Nevertheless, the workers’ compensation system is rife with pitfalls that prevent even the most seriously injured worker from obtaining the compensation they deserve.

    Serious Workplace Injuries

    At Tuite Law, we have helped workers with the following injuries:

    • Occupational illness
    • Exposure to toxic substances
    • Back injuries
    • Soft-tissue injuries
    • Fractures
    • Brain injuries
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Ruptured discs
    • Bursitis
    • Tennis elbow
    • Knee injuries
    • Foot injuries
    • Amputations

    Some injuries are immediately apparent, such as those resulting from an explosion or fall at work. Others develop slowly over time, as the body makes thousands of repetitive motions or a worker inhales dangerous chemicals. The results, however, are often the same—badly-injured workers who cannot continue to earn a living to support their families.

    Qualifying for Benefits

    As mentioned above, benefits are no-fault, which means you do not need to prove that your employer committed a safety lapse or other error to receive compensation. However, workers must be injured in the course and scope of employment. Sometimes, a worker can be injured away from the jobsite, such as when they travel for their job, but the key is whether you were working at the time of the accident.

    There are some exceptions, such as when an injury was deliberate, but these are few. Contact a Dixon workers’ compensation lawyer if your claim has been denied. We can analyze whether you will be successful on appeal.

    Benefits Available to Injured Workers

    An injured worker might qualify for some or all of the following benefits:

    • Reasonable and necessary medical care
    • Temporary disability benefits for those who cannot work
    • Vocational rehabilitation to those who cannot return to their old jobs

    Some workers are permanently disabled, and disability benefits are available for them as well. If a loved one died, then workers comp can provide a death benefit.

    Many applications are immediately denied with confusing or contradictory explanations. Hiring an attorney is critical, because you can only build out the evidentiary record early in the process. Without fully documenting your physical injuries, you might never convince the insurer to allow your claim.

    Our Experienced Dixon Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Are Affordable

    Injured workers and their families are often pressed for money. We understand that. Fortunately, a worker can always afford the help of one of our attorneys.

    At Tuite Law, we take all workers’ comp cases on a “contingency fee” basis. This means that our clients do not owe any attorneys’ fee unless we win their case. Speak with our attorneys at a free consultation to learn more about contingency fee agreements and whether this is the right choice for you.

    Dixon Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

    We are committed to the well-being of our clients and will do everything possible to get them the benefits that they deserve. To start your case, contact Tuite Law here today for a free consultation or call (815) 209-9546.

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