Repetitive Injuries

Experienced legal representation for the injured and disabled.

Hardworking individuals often suffer the consequences of their hard work.  Usually this manifests itself in repetitive injuries, where doing the same work over time leads to injury.  Here are just some of the many examples of this:

  • a construction worker, CNA, or factory worker may lift heavy weight throughout the day causing back or neck injuries;
  • overhead work frequently causing shoulder injuries;
  • an assembly worker or cashier might use his/her hands frequently causing carpal tunnel or elbow injuries;
  • a plumber or carpet installer may have to kneel frequently often resulting in knee conditions.

Many times, workers who suffer from repetitive injuries do not know what rights they have under Illinois worker’s compensation laws.  Yet persons suffering from these type of injuries are entitled the same benefits as any other worker injured on the job.

Our Rockford workers compensation lawyers can help if you’ve been injured at work.

As a law firm dedicated to representing injured workers, Tuite Law is uniquely qualified to handle “repetitive trauma” injuries.  We gather ergonomic and medical evidence, obtain medical opinions from medical professionals, and aggressively seek benefits on your behalf.

Repetitive injuries often require costly medical treatment including visits to specialists, rehabilitative therapy, and even surgery. In addition, your injuries may prevent you from performing your job duties until you have fully recovered. In this situation, it can easily become difficult for you to pay your bills.

Just like any other workplace injury, if your repetitive injury in Rockford, IL resulted from your job, you have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits to cover the costs of all of your medical care and to reimburse you for a percentage of your lost income. However, too many people with work-related repetitive injuries are shocked to learn that their claim for benefits was partially or even totally denied. Insurance companies and your employer are both trying to avoid liability whenever possible and so they will often try to find reasons to deny your claim. Some reasons you may be denied benefits can include:

  • Your employer does not have the coverage required by Illinois law;
  • You were misclassified as an independent contractor;
  • You did not inform your employer of the injury within 45 days;
  • Your employer claims your injury was not work-related.

Because there was no single accident or event that caused your repetitive injury, insurance companies often try to claim that your injury was not caused by your work. They can claim your injuries actually stem from activities you perform at home or recreationally and, therefore, deny your workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys at Tuite Law have many ways to fight against workers’ compensation denials.

The workers’ compensation appeals process in Illinois can be complicated and it is critical to have quality legal representation during throughout this process. Our attorneys can negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance company to see if we can get you the benefits you need. If the company still refuses to approve your claim, you will need to file certain paperwork and we can represent you at a hearing in front of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you still receive a wrongful denial, we can file an appeal of the hearing decision and even file a claim with the state court if necessary to secure benefits for you.

If you have sustained a repetitive injury in Rockford, IL, please call for a consultation with our workers’ compensation attorneys and “Get Tuite” today!