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Three Driving Tips to Remember this Winter in Rockford

November 14, 2017
Tuite Law

There are already reports this year of car accidents due to winter road conditions that people around the state have not been taking into consideration. When there are snow and ice on the road, everyone inherently knows they need to travel more cautiously, but that doesn’t always mean they do, whether they think they are immune to the potential dangers of winter road driving or because they are simply on autopilot.

The dangers associated with a lack of attention when driving in snow or ice cannot be overstated, and the impact of collisions and winter accidents due to negligence can be devastating for you and others around you. As your auto accident victim attorneys in Rockford, we have gathered delineated a list below of driving conditions you should be aware of this winter to ensure you avoid an accident that could leave you or others severely injured or worse.

Increased Braking Distance

This is nothing new, and these principles are any driver’s education booklet throughout the United States. However, this is one of the most common types of accidents during the winter and one that often causes some of the most damage. The potential for whiplash, spinal cord injuries, or other traumatic injuries because of inattention to braking distance increases in bad weather.

If you are driving in snow or potentially icy conditions, whether in town or on the highway, be sure to give yourself plenty of distance between cars and slow down at stop signs and stop lights well before you approach the stop.

Remove Snow Off Car

It is a hassle to deal with at times, but if you leave your car in the snow, make sure you remove all the snow and ice from it before you begin driving. It is important to do this more than just for visibility.

When you are driving, that snow can blow off your vehicle and could obstruct other drivers’ views or cause bad road accidents. If you are the victim of such an occurrence, slow down, turn off the road, or try to distance yourself as much as you can so the vehicle doesn’t cause you to have an accident.

False Sense of Security

Drivers often feel a false sense of security when they are driving in the snow, which causes them to be less careful than they normally should be when driving in these types of conditions. Where does this false sense of security come from? It can come from the years of driving without getting in an accident or because drivers are confident that they know how to drive in the snow and ice. Regardless the sense of security, snowy and icy winter road conditions are unpredictable, and everyone has to be on the lookout.

Collisions and pileups happen every year in Illinois and our great city of Rockford simply because people are not paying enough attention or think they are above simple precautions. Be patient. Plan more time to commute if conditions are bad. You can save your life and potentially someone else’s.

Rockford Car Accident Victim Attorneys

No matter what you do to prevent an accident yourself, there is always the possibility that others around you don’t take those same precautions. If you do find that you are the victim of an accident and sustain injuries because of it, you have rights to compensate your:

  • medical bills
  • car repairs
  • pain and suffering

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