Hurt by Fault of Others in Rockford Illinois

Experienced legal representation for the injured and disabled.

Accidents happen – in all shapes and sizes. Many times, those accidents occur because someone or something was careless or failed to perform their legal responsibilities.  Being hurt by the fault of others occurs frequently.

At Tuite Law, we represent injured people involved in many types of accidents.  Here are just some of the types of cases we handle:

Slip and fall attorney in Rockford, IlNo matter how the accident occurs, we perform a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances, and hold those at fault legally responsible.  We have taken on cases against major corporations, large construction companies, municipalities, whoever – in the quest for justice on behalf of our clients.

We Help With Recovering Losses

Accidents and injuries can result in significant losses for victims and their families. At Tuite Law, we strive to ensure you recover for all of your losses so you receive the full value of your case. Some of the losses we commonly seek for clients include the following:

  • Medical bills — Treatment for your injuries can be costly and can include emergency care, surgical procedures, hospitalization, medical equipment, medications, home health care, physical and rehabilitative therapy, assisted living, doctor’s visits, and more.
  • Lost income — If you miss work because of your injury, you can seek compensation for the base wages, overtime, bonuses, and other income you lost.
  • Future expenses — In some situations, you may not be finished with your medical treatment by the time your case is resolved. We can seek the estimated costs of all of your future expected medical bills. In addition, if you still cannot work, you can recover for future estimated lost earnings and benefits.
  • Pain and suffering — Injuries can cause severe physical pain and suffering and you deserve to receive full compensation.
  • Emotional distress — Many injury victims require mental and emotional treatment due to distress caused by their pain, their limitations, or even the trauma of the accident itself.
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability — If your injuries caused permanent impairments or disfigurement, you can seek Injury lawcompensation for the loss of enjoyment of life and loss of abilities you suffered.

Calculating your losses is a highly important and complex part of your case and our team has the resources needed to make sure you seek the right amount of recovery. If you have received a settlement offer from an insurance company, you should always have one of our experienced attorneys review the offer before you accept. If you accept a settlement that is not adequate, you will not have the chance to go back and seek more.

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