Machesney Park Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Work injuries remain a major problem in Illinois. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), three percent of workers are injured on the job each year. To put this figure into perspective, that means that more than 200,000 people suffer work injuries every year in the state of Illinois alone. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides legal protection for injured workers. However, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois can be challenging. If you were hurt on the job in Machesney Park, please contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

The First Three Things You Need to Do After an Illinois Work Injury

  • Visit the Doctor

Serious injuries require professional medical assistance. Certainly, if you are need of emergency medical help, you should see a doctor right away. However, even if you are not in need of emergency assistance, you still need to get yourself checked out. Not only is this important to protect your health and well-being, but it is also important to protect your workers’ compensation claim. You will not be able to bring a successful workers’ compensation claim if you have not seen a doctor.

  • Report the Accident to Your Manager

Under Illinois law, injured workers have a legal responsibility to report their on-the-job injury to their employer. This report must be made in a timely manner. More specifically, injured workers have 45 days to report their accident. If you fail to notify your employer within that time period, you could lose out on your legal rights. Please take action. If you have any questions or concerns about filing a report, an attorney can help.

  • File a Formal Claim

Notifying your supervisor about  your accident is not the same thing as filing your workers’ compensation claim. You will still need to file an official claim. The paperwork that you will need to file is known as the Application for Adjustment of Claim. This form must be filled out properly and it is strongly advised that you submit this form with the assistance of a qualified attorney.  

What Benefits are Available to Injured Workers?

In Illinois, those who have been hurt on the job may potentially be entitled to following benefits:

  • Coverage for all needed medical treatment;
  • Coverage for necessary rehabilitation care;
  • Temporary partial disability benefits;
  • Temporary total disability benefits;
  • Permanent partial or total disability benefits;
  • Death benefits, for family members if a worker is killed on the job.

Ultimately, the workers’ compensation benefits available to you will depend entirely on the circumstances of your case.

Were You Injured on the Job in Machesney Park?

Our attorneys are standing by, ready to help. At Tuite Law, we dedicate ourselves to protecting the legal rights and financial interests of injured workers. If you were hurt on the job in Illinois, please do not hesitate to contact our office today to set up a free review of your claim. We handle Illinois workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee basis and will not collect a fee unless we help you recover benefits.