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How Long Is Reckless Driving on Your Record?

March 5, 2020
Tuite Law

According to Illinois laws, reckless driving is described as a situation where one drives with wanton disregard for the safety of other people or their property. It may also be described as a situation where a person intentionally uses an incline causing their vehicle to be airborne. Your Rockford car accident lawyers can answer your questions including ‘how long is reckless driving on your record?’ and ‘what are the consequences?’ 

Some of the most common examples of reckless driving include;

  • Changing lanes without giving a signal
  • Driving at a high speed
  • Swerving

Reckless driving is considered a class ‘A’ misdemeanor. The possible punishments are; 

  • $2,500 in fees and fines without considering the court costs
  • 364 or fewer days in a county jail

The convictions impose one point on your license if you are a driver under 21. The point can put your license at risk of suspension. 

How Long Does Reckless Driving Stay on Your Record?

Adults have two records for reckless driving; a criminal record and a DMV record. Reckless driving can stay on your record for up to 11 years. It will always remain on your criminal record. 

The records for adults are different from juveniles. Juvenile records can’t be accessed by members of the public. However, they may be available to specific government agencies. If you were convicted for reckless driving while you were a minor, you may be expunged when you become an adult. 

Moving violation traffic tickets stay on your driving record for up to five years from the conviction date. These violations include; disregarding stop signs, speeding, and wrong lane usage. The Secretary of State may remove the offense in four to five hours at their discretion. 

If a traffic ticket results in the revocation or suspension of your ticket, it will remain on your record for a minimum of seven years from the date when your license is reinstated. Drug or alcohol-related offenses will stay on your driving record permanently. 

Your traffic ticket will remain accessible on Illinois public driving records unless a court orders otherwise. 

How Can a Reckless Driving Conviction Affect You?

A reckless driving conviction can have various effects on you and the quality of life you live. Some of the possible repercussions include;

  • Increased premium payments
  • You may miss out on possible employment opportunities
  • Some employers may terminate your employer if you have a criminal record

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