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Headache after Car Accident

February 4, 2020
Tuite Law

Most people who have been involved in a car accident may complain of a headache after the incident. People who have had a headache problem before the accident are likely to experience more pain or the headache may become more persistent. However, you may not experience a headache for a couple of hours, days, or even a week after the accident. Therefore, whenever you experience headaches and have previously been involved in an accident, it is essential to see a physician for medical observation.

The cost of medication after such an accident might overwhelm you, more so since you may not be able to report to work. This is why you require Rockford Car Accident Lawyers to walk with you every step of the way in the corridors of justice. You can focus on healing after you experience a headache after a car accident while our attorneys work to ensure you have the financial might to access quality healthcare.

Symptoms and Types of Headaches after Accidents

When the body experiences injuries or pain, a headache may point to other deep-rooted health issues. However, some injuries may not occur or cause pain immediately after the accident. Some major causes of headaches after car accidents.

Concussion Headache

If you suffer a fractured neck bone or skull, the injury can result in a headache. You may experience a headache at the back of the head and neck. The pain often gets intense around the injured area. However, the intensity and severity of the pain or symptoms depend on the extent of the injury. You can also experience concussion headaches when you suffer from brain injury during the accident.

Migraine Headaches/ Post-Concussive Headache

During an accident, you are likely to hit your head against the vehicle parts. This blow or sudden violent jolt can cause an injury to the brain. Your body will respond to such injuries by developing migraine headaches. Symptoms that show you have migraine headaches include:

  • Sensitivity to certain movements and smells
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Anxiety
  • Balance problems
  • Etc

Whiplash Headache

This type of headache may occur when the neck moves or extends unnaturally after an impact during an accident. The whiplash headache happens as a result of strained ligaments or muscles of the neck. It can also occur as a result of vertebrae or spinal cord damage.

When to Call the Attorney

After an accident, getting compensation for medical bills, lost time and other damages is an essential requirement. It can be easy for you to assume that a headache after suffering from an accident will clear out with time. Still, it can lead to the development of an emergency medical situation. It is critical to seek help from a personal injury attorney to help seek compensation to cater for medical bills.  The attorney will take the doctor’s report and present it to the court as evidence of the injuries you experienced after the accident. Rockford car accident lawyers are experienced in personal injury litigations and will ensure you get justice to help you cope with life after the fateful event.

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