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    Federal Social Security disability programs help disabled people in our country pay for their costs of living via monthly benefit amounts. At the offices of Tuite Law, our Harvard Social Security Disability lawyer understands just how important these benefits are, and can help you to apply for disability benefits or appeal a denied claim. If you have questions about your disability claim or are ready to apply for benefits today, contact our Harvard Social Security disability lawyer now for a free consultation.

    Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

    Social Security disability programs were started by the Social Security Administration in 1956; since 1958, we have been helping disabled persons in Harvard and surrounding areas apply for these benefits, and appeal denied benefit claims. We are extremely knowledgeable in Social Security disability laws and can assist you whether you are applying for either of the two Social Security disability benefit types. The two types of disability benefit programs operated by the federal government are:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI is the type of disability benefit that most disabled people are both familiar with and eligible for. SSDI insurance provides a monthly benefit amount that is based on your average lifetime earnings. In fact, in order to qualify for this program type, you must not only be disabled and unable to work, but also be “insured” by virtue of having enough earned work credits (work credits are earned during your working years).
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI also pays monthly benefit amounts, but the amount is not based on your lifetime average earnings, nor must you have earned work credits in order to qualify. Instead, a person qualifies for SSI benefits if they are disabled (or blind or aged) and unable to work and of limited income of resources, which means that even children can qualify for SSI benefits.

    We Know How to File Disability Applications That Get Approved

    The Social Security Administration denies thousands of disability applications every year. When you fill out your application for Social Security disability benefits, it is essential that you know what the Social Security Administration is looking for, and that you fill out your form accurately and in full. We have experience completing applications that are approved by the Social Security Administration and know how to ensure your application has the information that the Social Security Administration needs to determine the extent of your disability and whether or not you meet other qualifying criteria.

    Appealing Denied Claims

    Our Harvard Social Security disability lawyer also knows how to fight back when the Social Security Administration denies a claim and can assist you in appealing a denial and preparing for your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). These hearings can be complex and intimidating – it is not recommended that you attempt to represent yourself during the appeals process.

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    We know how important disability benefits are to you and your family. If you are disabled and unable to work and earn an income as such, do not risk having your claim for Social Security disability benefits denied. Instead, call our Harvard Social Security disability lawyer for a free consultation and information about how to get the benefits you deserve. (815) 209-9546.

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