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While many people associate the Social Security Administration (SSA) with retirement, the agency is also tasked with overseeingtwo disability programs established by federal law. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs provide financial support to individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from working. However, there are very strict, detailed eligibility rules with respect to each. Errors or omissions with documentation could lead to delays or a denial of your application, preventing you from receiving your rightful disability benefits.

At Tuite Law, our team has in-depth knowledge of SSA regulations, so we are familiar with the strategies for getting proper approval of SSDI/SSI claims promptly. We can tackle the complicated application process, and we are ready to take next steps as necessary through disability hearings. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation with a Beloit Social Security disability lawyer who can provide details. A summary of the relevant legal concepts may also be useful.

Beloit Social Security Disability Lawyers

Overview of SSDI/SSI Programs

Though the two are different, the two Social Security disability programs share a common element with respect to the medical requirement. To qualify, you must suffer from an illness, injury, or ailment that renders you unable to work or severely limits your ability to perform job-related tasks. In addition, your disabling medical condition must be one that is expected to last a year or more.

Other eligibility rules show how the SSDI and SSI programs are distinct:

  • SSDI is a type of insurance through which you pay premiums through mandatory deductions from your paycheck. You accumulate work credits through your employment, so you qualify when you reach a certain level.
  • SSI is a needs-based disability program that focuses on your income and/or assets. If this value falls under the threshold set by SSA, you may be eligible for benefits.

Steps in the Application Process

The first stage of filing for SSDI/SSI is completing the required forms, but the process is more meticulous and painstaking than filling out paperwork. For the most part, applicants experience fewer hassles when proving work history for SSDI or net worth for SSI. It is the medical requirement that can be overwhelming, since you need solid, voluminous medical records and other documents to show your disabling medical condition.

The Beloit Social Security disability attorneys at Tuite Law are knowledgeable about the requirements, so we are often able to get approval for initial applications. However, we are prepared to assist with next steps, including:

  • Request for Reconsideration;
  • A disability hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ);
  • Asking for review by the SSA Appeals Council; and
  • Disability appeals in federal court.

Trust a Beloit Social Security Disability Lawyer to Assist with Your Claim

If you need assistance with the SSDI or SSI claims process,please contact Tuite Law to speak to a member of our team. You can call (815) 965-5777 to set up a no-cost consultation with one of our Social Security disability attorneys in Beloit. Once we review your situation, we can help with next steps.