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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Rockford Personal Injury Attorney

August 28, 2017
Tuite Law

Each year, Rockford sees several car accidents, construction zone accidents, and other dangerous premises liabilities that result in severe injury or death. In addition to the pain and suffering a victim and his/her family goes through after sustaining an injury or experiencing a wrongful death, many other factors cause hardship, including financial obligations and sorting out medical bills.

There is also a significant loss of time and wages after an injury or wrongful death. This is why we have created a definitive list of 4 reasons why you should hire a Rockford personal injury attorney after an accident. Whether you are reading this article as an accident injury victim or you are the family member of someone who has sustained significant injuries or death after an accident in Rockford, consider why Tuite Law is the best firm to help you in your time of need.

1. Free Consultation and Payment Is on Contingency

No family or individual needs to worry about losing money on investing in a personal injury attorney. Consultations are free, and our payment is based on contingency, meaning we only receive compensation after we win your case. This means that a lawyer or law firm, such as Tuite Law, is unable to extort you, as we will only take on cases that have the potential of awarding you a personal injury compensation settlement, and we will work hard to make sure you receive what you are due.

When you win we all win. We also make sure to settle for enough money that covers damages and attorney expenses so that your needs are completely provided for monetarily.

2. Personal Injury Attorneys Have Experience

Monetary damagesOne of the most important things you can do after an injury or wrongful death to receive full compensation tap into the experience of attorneys who have dealt with Rockford personal injury law before. We know how much a case is worth after an initial analysis and will negotiate, fight, and litigate until you are awarded a proper amount that covers the cost of:

  • medical bills
  • hospital stays
  • rehabilitation
  • loss of wages
  • funeral costs

Statistically, personal injury attorneys can receive much higher compensation amounts after an accident than individuals can alone. This also means we are familiar and comfortable with navigating through complicated legal procedures and channels that will award you the highest compensation possible.

3. Personal Injury Lawyers Do the Heavy Lifting

There are several things personal injury attorneys do for their clients that take a considerable amount of time, including working Personal Injury Lawyerwith insurance adjusters, collecting bills, and various expenses to assess damages and the extent of the injury, among other things. When you hire personal injury lawyers for your accident case, this burden is greatly relieved from your shoulders. Your time can be better spent focused on healing and sorting other affairs that require your attention.

4. Objectivity

When it comes to negotiating a personal injury claim and compensation amount, there are many people involved in the process that your lawyer will have to work with. This includes insurance companies, other attorneys, and sometimes a judge or jurors, depending on the case. This not only requires a lot of skill, it demands objectivity.

Personal injury and wrongful death victims are often charged with emotion from their case, and rightfully so. However, those emotions can sometimes hinder a verdict or change the outcome of a case if these lead to important decision-making. An attorney has complete objectivity in a case, thus being able to resolve disputes and persuade the appropriate parties to award you what you are due in your case.

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