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4 Common Myths about DUIs – Debunked

September 11, 2017
Tuite Law

Over 1.5 million people every year are arrested for drinking and driving. Of these several DUI cases, about 10 thousand of them end in death, and over 300 thousand ends in personal injury. Regardless of the amount of education people receive on the subject, drunk driving continues to be an issue and result in the unnecessary cost of life.

The fact is that driving drunk is dangerous, and there are several myths people continue to believe about it that have perpetuated the problem. Below is a list of common DUI-related myths and the truth behind them. Keep reading or call me as your experienced DUI injury attorney in Rockford if you were involved in an accident.

Myth 1: Driving drunk improves concentration.

Many people claim they are more careful when they drive if they are drunk because they know that they are intoxicated. This is frightening for two reasons.

The first is that it insinuates you are not trying to drive carefully while you are sober. The second is that there is no such thing as improved concentration when you are driving drunk. Alcohol will impair your brain no matter how hard you try to concentrate. Your perception is off if you are drunk, which means even paying attention to details of reality can be skewed.

Myth 2: You can sober up before hopping in your car.

There is a common belief that coffee, a cold shower, throwing up, or eating fatty food will help you sober up so you will be ready to jump behind the wheel. This could not be more inaccurate. While some things help to slow the absorption of alcohol, there is no such thing as “sobering up”.

The only way to get sober is to let your body metabolize the alcohol, which comes over time, about 2 hours for one serving of alcohol, depending on body type and other physiological factors. Getting in a car before the alcohol is fully processed is irresponsible and puts not only your life but others’, in jeopardy.

Myth 3: Staying away from hard drinks makes you less drunk.

Alcohol is alcohol, so the same amount will get you drunk no matter its form. If you drink one beer, it has the same amount of alcohol as one shot. You are drinking more liquid in the beer, as it has more water, but the alcohol is completely the same.

The problem with the “hard stuff” is that you tend to drink more of it because it is less filling. By the time you drink enough hard drinks where you consume the same volume as a beer, you have actually drunk more alcohol. Drunk is drunk, though, and even one drink of lighter stuff can be as dangerous as the heavier stuff when you get behind the wheel.

Myth 4: You can trick the cops if you get caught.

Not only can you not trick the cops if you get pulled over or get in an accident with a DUI, but they can also fine you for obstruction of justice because you lied. You don’t have to submit to field sobriety tests, but you will surely be hauled away if you don’t comply. If you were pulled over or got in an accident because you were drinking under the influence, you probably deserve all the consequences that follow.

Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Suits

If you drive while under the influence, you put others at risk of poor decision-making. Not only could you face some jail time, but you could also have a personal injury or wrongful death suit brought against you which could ruin your life forever. The only way to avoid the devastating consequences of a DUI is to not drink and drive.


If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an accident involving a DUI, you have rights and a compensation claim. Call us today at 877-965-5777 to get the best Rockford DUI accident legal representation.

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