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Accidents that result in personal injuries can have a significant impact on your life. You could be faced with costly medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, or emotional distress. All these could leave you and your loved ones in a bad situation financially and psychologically.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Woodstock, contact Tuite Law. Our Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyers will champion your right to pursue damages and get you the maximum compensation possible.

Common Personal Injury Accidents

Like other accidents, personal injury accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. They often stem from the negligence or lack of proper care of a responsible individual or entity. Personal injuries can be physical, psychological, or emotional. Common causes include:

  • Truck accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Defective products

Overall, any incident that leads to a personal injury makes you eligible for damages.

Proving a Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is unique. For instance, the facts surrounding a defective product case differ from those of a truck accident case. Your Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer will tailor your claim case to your situation.

That said, your attorney needs to study several facts to determine:

  • Whether you have a valid case
  • What it may be worth
  • What your next steps should be

They include:

Legal Duty

By law, different people have to act or not act in a certain way. Private and public property owners, for example, are required to maintain their premises in a safe condition.

Professionals like manufacturers and medical practitioners, on the other hand, are also expected to maintain a particular code of conduct.

Breach of Duty

After proving duty, you need to determine that it was violated. You can show, for instance, that a surgeon was texting while performing a surgical procedure. Or that a manufacturer failed to provide the necessary warnings for operating a device.


Next, you need to provide evidence that your personal injury was a direct result of this breach of duty. Say the surgeon mentioned above amputated on a functioning leg while distracted. You could be eligible for compensation for losing your limb, but not for falling down the stairs once you got home.

Losses or Damages

The strongest personal injury cases usually involve damages of some kind. These can include:

      • Lost income
      • Medical expenses
      • Pain and suffering
      • Property damage

Simply put, you are not eligible for remuneration if you can’t prove that your accident has cost you something.

Statute of Limitations

Most U.S states have a statute of limitations in place for personal injury cases. This means that you need to beat a set deadline for your case to be considered. In most cases, this timeline extends to two years after the date of the accident.

Nonetheless, it is wise to always err on the side of caution. Contact you Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer immediately after your accident. This should allow for your case to be filed on time. 

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