Winnebago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Winnebago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Being injured on the job is a scary experience. But even more nerve-wracking is the possibility of having your claim for workers’ compensation benefits denied, leaving you with no way to pay your medical bills or make up for your lost wages. When you are hurt and need the benefits that you are entitled to, our experienced Winnebago workers’ compensation lawyers at the offices of Tuite Law are here for you. We do not represent insurance companies – we represent the hard-working individuals of Winnebago who are injured while performing their jobs.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits that We Help You Collect

Our workers’ compensation lawyers are dedicated to helping you collect the benefits that you deserve. We work hard to maximize your compensation amount and ensure that you are not released back to work before you are ready. Some of the workers’ compensation benefits to which you may be entitled include:


  • Medical benefits – You have the right to have all of your necessary and reasonable medical expenses paid for;
  • Temporary total disability benefitsThese types of benefits provide for wage replacement during the time that you are recovering from your injury and unable to provide for work;
  • Temporary partial disability benefitsIf your injury is such that you are able to work, but unable to return to your previous position or a position at which you are compensated at the same rate as prior to the injury, you can receive temporary partial disability benefits;
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefitsYou have the right to seek vocational rehabilitation benefits in the event that you are approved for a vocational rehabilitation program;
  • Permanent partial disability benefitsThis benefit type is available if you are permanently injured or disabled, but able to perform some work type;
  • Permanent total disability benefitsThis benefit type is available when you are totally and permanently disabled, preventing you from being able to work; and
  • Death/survivors’ benefitsIn the most tragic of cases, a workplace injury may result in death. If death occurs, surviving family members are entitled to benefits.



Why You Should Work with Our Winnebago Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your workplace injury claim is a smart idea. Our lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will never have to pay us from money that you don’t have, or owe us a fee if your case is unsuccessful. Plus, a consultation with our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers is 100 percent free.

When you are injured on the job, you are entitled under state law to workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer or the workers’ compensation insurer tries to deny these benefits, you have the right to fight back.

To schedule your free consultation today, contact our knowledgeable Winnebago workers’ compensation lawyers today online or by phone. We are here to work hard for you.