New Milford Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Unfortunately, many workers throughout our state suffer serious injuries on the job each year. According to data provided in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation (IWCC) handbook, between 200,000 and 250,000 workers report injuries to their employers annually. Many of these injuries are quite severe. The IWCC notes that approximately 40 percent of these injuries require the victim to miss at least three days on the job. Recovering fair benefits for a work injury can be challenging. If you have suffered a work injury, you need to speak to an experienced New Milford workers’ compensation lawyer as soon possible.

Three Things You Need to Know About Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claims


  • You Must Get Yourself to the Doctor


Injured workers must get to the doctor for a comprehensive medical evaluation. If you were injured at work, do not delay. Above all else, a medical exam is necessary to protect your health. Much of the time, injuries come with a delayed onset. Whether you suffered a blow to the head, or a back injury, you may be far more hurt than you think. Furthermore, you need a medical exam to protect your legal rights. You will not be able to recover compensation for your work injury unless you have official medical documentation that supports the severity of your injury.


  • There are Strict Deadlines


All injured workers need to be aware of two very important and very strict deadlines. First, you must report your injury to your employer soon after your accident. The state requires you to report your injury within 45 days. The failure to comply with this deadline could result in you losing out on your legal rights. Additionally, you also need to file an official workers’ compensation claim with the state. This starts with filling out the this form. This application form is complicated and it must be completed correctly. You should always fill it out with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Once again, you should take action to submit this application as quickly as you can. It is important to get the process moving so that you can recover the work injury benefits you deserve.


  • You are Entitled to Fair Compensation for Your Losses


Injured workers can suffer substantial financial losses. Not only might you be stuck with large medical bills, but your injury may also prevent you from working. Indeed, you may be forced to miss a significant amount of time on the job. Of course, this means lost income. Our New Milford workers’ compensation lawyers can help you recover full and fair benefits for all of these losses. More specifically, we may be able to help you recover:

  • Medical benefits;
  • Rehabilitation benefits;
  • Compensation for lost income; and
  • Partial or total long-term disability benefits.

We Can Help with Your New Milford Workers’ Compensation Claim  

At Tuite Law, our Illinois workers’ compensation lawyers have helped many individuals recover the benefits they rightfully deserve. If you were hurt on the job, please get in touch with our office today to request your free initial case evaluation. We handle all work injury claims on a contingency basis, meaning we do not collect a fee unless we help you obtain your benefits.