New Milford Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security pays out disability benefits to those who are no longer able to work due to their medical condition. If you qualify, it is your legal right to receive fair monthly disability benefits. Unfortunately, recovering your benefits can be extremely challenging. Indeed, many valid disability claims are initially denied. The Social Security Administration (SSA) itself reports that around 30 percent of eventually approved disability claims are actually denied after the first stage of the review process. If your claim has been denied, you cannot give up. If you are applying for benefits for the first time, or if your initial claim has been denied, you should contact an experienced New Milford Social Security disability lawyer today for assistance with your case.  

Qualifying for Disability Benefits: Understanding the Standards

If you have questions about whether or not you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you should have your claim reviewed by an attorney. Each disability claim requires personalized attention. To understand the basics about the qualifications standards, please refer to the following three-step process:


  • Current income: You can only qualify for disability benefits if you meet the maximum income requirements. For the year 2016, those who make more than $1130 per month are automatically ineligible for benefits. If you make less than that, or are not working at all, you may be able to qualify for monthly disability benefits.
  • Your medical condition: Beyond meeting the income limits, you must also have a sufficiently severe medical condition. The SSA provides a list of qualifying disabling conditions. If your medical condition is listed, you will likely qualify for benefits. Listed conditions are generally presumed to be severe enough to be considered disabling. However, if your condition is not listed, you are not necessarily out of luck. For those with unlisted conditions, their claim will move forward to step three.


  1. Your ability to work: The SSA will review your condition and determine whether or not your unlisted medical condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. If you cannot return to your former job and if you can not perform any other form of suitable alternative work, you may be able to obtain Social Security disability benefits.

Why Are Social Security Disability Claims Denied?

If your claim has been denied, you should have received an official denial letter from the agency stating the precise reasons why they came to their decision. You need to get this letter into the hands of your lawyer immediately. Disability claims can be denied for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for denial include:

  • Failure to meet income limits;
  • Lack of candor in the application process;
  • Missed deadline;
  • Errors in the application;
  • Insufficient medical evidence;
  • Questions over the severity of your condition; and
  • Mistakes made by the SSA.

Do You Need Assistance With Your Disability Claim?

The experienced New Milford, Illinois Social Security disability lawyers at Tuite Law are standing by, ready to help. If you are in the process of filing your Social Security disability application, or if your initial claim has been rejected, please call our office today. Let us use our skills and knowledge to help you recover your disability benefits.