New Medicare Cards Help Protect Your Identity

Protecting your identity is about to get easier. Starting April 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be mailing new Medicare Cards to everyone with Medicare. This new card will have a Medicare Number unique to each person. Your Medicare Number will appear on the card in place of your Social Security Number, helping you to protect your identity and keep your personal information more secure.

Your Medicare coverage and benefits will remain the same. Medicare will automatically mail you a new card to the address on file at Social Security at no cost to you. Be sure your address is up to date by signing in to or creating a My Social Security Account. Once you receive your new Medicare Card be sure to follow these tips:

  • Destroy your old Medicare Card right away. Dispose of your old Medicare Card like you would a credit card or other private information by shredding it into many pieces.


  • Use your new Card. Your doctors, health providers, and health care plans approved by Medicare know that Medicare is replacing your card. They are ready to accept your new card when you need care.


  • Beware of anyone contacting you about your new Medicare Card. Medicare will never contact you uninvited to ask for your personal information. Beware of anyone asking you to pay a fee for your new card. This is a scam. Medicare is providing all new cards free of charge directly to your address.


  • Treat your new Medicare card like your Social Security Number or credit card number. If someone asks you for your Medicare Number or any other personal information who is not one of your doctors, health providers, or health plan provider: Do not give it to them. Always verify whether someone asking for your information should have it before giving it to them.

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